AUTUMN COMP 2024 - Starting March 3rd, 5th & 7th


General Terms & Conditions of participation

> Abide by the rules and respect the decision of the umpires.
Be courteous and use the correct process when seeking a rule clarification.
> The competition places great emphasis on it’s social nature;
Any unsportsmanlike or antisocial conduct effecting the experience of others
may result in an offending player or team being suspended from the competition.
> Forfeits: Minimum 2 days (48hrs) notice is required to avoid the $78 game fee.
> Payments: Game fees are a team’s responsibility and only team payments 
will be accepted.
Team Captains are responsible for all team members and the requirements regarding
the competition's Terms & Conditions.

Please be aware Netball is a sport prone to injuries and whilst insurances are in place it is advised that participants hold private health insurance for comprehensive cover.